Ben Sor Suchart

Ben began training in Muay Thai in 2001 under Ajan Suchart at Siam number one gym in Toronto Canada with team mates Simon Marcus, Clifton Brown, and Matt Embree. He recieved his Kru (teacher) certificate from Siam Number one in 2008 and began teaching in 2009 by bringing Siam number one as the muay thai program at the jungle MMA in Orlando Florida.

While at the Jungle in Orlando Ben coached MMA pros Seth Petruzelli, Tom Lawler, and Brett Harold and developed the striking program into the program that it is today. In 2013 Ben moved to the Tampa area and began teaching at Khanomtom gym in Tampa and was certified again under Kru Ray Cole. Ben has fought amateur and professionally in the United States, Canada, and Thailand. He has also trained under Muay Thai legends Jongsanaan, Gan Yao, and Nokweed Davy. His training and fighting in Thailand has taken him from Koh Samui, to Bangkok, to Chiang Mai.

Jay Burnell

Jay Burnell has been training in Muay Thai since 2009 under siam number one ajan suchart and kru Ben.
He received his blue shorts level in 2012 and has been fighting throughout Florida since then at 130 pound weight.
Jay is currently a junior instructor working on his green shorts instructor level in Muay Thai.
Jay’s style like all KOH instructors is that of traditional Muay Thai. Jay also holds a bachelors degree in design and enjoys riding his Harley.

Ronnie Briere

Head Trainer Ronnie Briere is a 2x Florida State ISKA Champion that holds titles in 2 different weight classes. He is the current light middle weight state champion and super welterweight champion.
He was taught by khru Ray Cole of Tampa Muay Thai. He received his certification of trainer in 2011 from khru Ray Cole. Ronnie has been to Thailand and has trained in Bangkok and Phuket at Sor vorapin gym and Patong boxing gym. He is also a certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach since 2006!

Danielle McAllister

Danielle is 24 years old and has been practicing the art of Muay Thai for about 3 years. She is currently undefeated as an amateur Muay Thai fighter and is a Certified Level 1 instructor and Level 2 boxer.
“Muay Thai isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s my passion. The best part about Muay Thai is there is always something to learn. Just being in a constant state of learning makes me a better fighter and a better trainer. I love teaching, and just seeing the excitement and passion in others for the sport and the culture. ”

Bradley L'Herrou - KOH Muay Thai Land O' Lakes Martial Arts

Bradley L’Herrou

Bradley L’Herrou is a fighter, coach, and student at KOH Muay Thai. Along with PC Kru Burnell, he has helped develop the KOH Kids curriculum. Our young Nak Muay grow their Muay Thai skills by striving to reach technique, strength, and knowledge benchmarks. Kids learn to use all 8 weapons of Muay Thai: right and left kicks, knees, punches, and elbows. They learn how to achieve difficult goals by working through discomfort and engaging in mindful practice.

Bradley trained under Kru Yai Ben Sor Suchart at two gyms and developed a fast passion for Muay Thai. Like all the trainers at KOH Muay Thai, Bradley has taken multiple fights and understands the heart and skill it takes to step into the ring. He helps cultivate these traits in KOH students, regardless of whether they intend to fight.